Innovative technology

Levek Turbines may be installed in low discharge flow streams and rivers. They are efficient even in cases of low drop river falls; in fact they can operate under as low as 2 meter of water head. Our turbines are modular and their dependability as well as the materials used in construction (industrial polyurethane) allow them to price at a half of the cost of conventional turbines generator.

Levek Turbines equipments harness the best possible energy source, that is the discharge flow of even minor streams, and in that sense, they constitute cleaner, superior environmental alternative to the less acceptable fossil-powered generators. In most cases, our hydrogenerators use only a small portion of a stream's flow that is channelled through a pen-stock. This means that reliable and renewable hydro energy generation does not require reservoirs nor the flooding of low-lying areas.


More that a simple turbine, this is a self-contained, weatherproof power generating station with a ventilated design frame box easily accessible for maintenance.

Fast delivery

Light weight makes for easy handling in transportation, allowing unmatched prompt delivery and expeditious installation.

Easy installation and maintenance

The Levek Turbines' equipments may be delivered at very short notice. They may be installed with or without a dam. In most cases Hydroturbines equipment require little engineering or pouring of concrete and that means substantial savings as compared to other types of equipment on the market.

Our turbines’ modular design makes for impressive ease of installation. The standard frame box simplifies installation and maintenance procedures that do not require any extensive technical expertise.

Advantages of polyurethane

Levek Turbines uses advanced technology that is ahead of its class. Extensive R&D has led to the design, development and fine-tuning, as well as the industrial testing of propeller turbines almost entirely made of molded polyurethane offering significant advantages.


Light weight makes for easy handling in transportation, installation and maintenance.


Polyurethane is corrosion resistant, highly abrasion resistant and offers a high resilience to cavitation.


Equivalent or higher sturdiness as compared to metal turbines that will corrode or erode.


Gravity molding process allows for more even and economical production.

Unique features and proprietary aspects of the Product

The Levek Turbine, model MTI66FF, is the first in the world built using material composites. With a power which can reach 100 kW, the weight of the turbine is one quarter (¼) that of a turbine made from conventional steel while the price of manufacture is one half (½) that of the nearest comparable turbine. The device does not rust and has exceptional durability in extreme water conditions even those with acidic or high silica content. The cost of installation is 50% compared to the competitor who offers turbines that are copies of large hydro turbines and require more complex construction methodologies.



Wilderness Lodge's turbine is in operation since 1996 and has never stopped so far.

Economical energy generation

Levek Turbines gives all users of electric power that are outside the reach of lines networks a renewable, environmental-friendly hydroelectric energy source at unmatched low costs.

Testing of the power generation equipment designed by Levek in various stream and rivers, in various countries since the last 25 years has shown that they provide a stable and reliable supply of electric power. An investment in a Hydrogenerator delivering 10 to 60 kW (or micro power plant that has a generating capacity of several hundred kW) requires a short amortization period and provides savings that translate into profits, often in the very first year of operation.

Various users

  • Game or fishing preserves
  • Remote settlements
  • Industrial operations

Diesel generator

0.19 - 0.45 $ / kWh

National grid

0.07 - 0.14 $ / kWh


0.03 - 0.06 $ / kWh


Models Débit (m3/sec) Head (m) Power (kW)
LTI66FF80 2,11 5,00 76,3
LYTI66F50 1,81 3,67 45,6
LTI66FF30 1,58 2,81 28,4
LTI66FF20 1,41 2,22 18,0