The early years

The turbine manufacturing started some 25 years ago when the family business, a remote outfitting operation for fishing and hunting was requiring a sustainable electric power supply for its four season’s operation.

As the interconnection with the grid was out of reach, Normand Lévesque a young graduate engineer rapidly came with the idea of installing a small hydro power to replace the costly, noisy and fragile Diesel generator set running 24 hours a day and always broken. At that time no turbine manufactures was offering a simple and low cost solution. In fact, the cost of the available turbine installation using a scale down design of big hydro was higher that the cost of operating a Diesel!

From there came the idea to build a specially adapted Micro hydro turbine. The first prototype was installed in 1990 and ran for three years before we replaced it with our commercial unit when we started production in 1993. That project became of a great interest for Hydro-Québec who decided to invest in the Company as it was fitting its objective to supply power for customer outside of the National Grid.

1991 - 1992

First and second hydro-power micro-plant prototypes.


First Hydrogenerator built outside of Canada (Peru).


Second generation design.


Beginning of Levek Turbines.


Our first turbine achieve 100 000 hours without maintenance.

Around the world


Levek Turbines has a strong experience of more than 21 years.


In total, more than 10 MW of power plants have been built worldwide.

North America

Name Location Year Power
JB Scott Pourvoirie Hydroelectric Power Plant Quebec, Canada 1991 18 kW
Cascade Brothers Kinsey falls, Quebec, Canada 1992 50 kW
Zec Mitchinamecus Hydroelectric Power Pant Quebec, Canada 1994 50 kW
Pourvoirie Cent Lacs Hydroelectric Power Plant Quebec, Canada 1995 50 kW
Montmagny Hydroelectric Power Plant Quebec, Canada 1996 5 x 400 kW
Wilderness Lodge Elliot lake, Ontario, Canada 1996 30 kW
Relais Gabriel Hydroelectric Power Plant Quebec, Canada 1998 30 kW
Moulin Abenakis Abenakis, Quebec, Canada 1998 2 x 80 kW
Pourvoirie Laurentien Hydroelectric Power Plant La Tuque, Quebec, Canada 1999 30 kW
Notawissi Hydroelectric Power Plant Mont Laurier, Québec, Canada 2001 50 kW
Nordland Hydroelectric Power Plant Norland, Ontario, Canada 2017 4 x 130 kW

South America

Name Location Year Power
Sallique Hydroelectric Power Plant Peru 2000 120 kW
Carumas Hydroelectric Power Plant Peru 1997 300 kW
Gorgor Hydroelectric Power Plant Province Lanmayecque, Peru 2002 300 kW
Guineamayo Hydroelectric Power Plant Electro Norte Peru 1997 400 kW
Bellem HPP Brazil 2004 50 kW


Name Location Year Power
Télimélé Hydroelectric Power Plant Guinea 1998 150 kW
M'Baiki Hydroelectric Power Plant Central African Republic 1999 160 kW


Name Location Year Power
Moulin Bindos Hydroelectric Power Plant Moulin Bindos, France 2018 50 kW