The company

Levek Turbine Inc. is a leading edge innovator in one of the most important industries in the world - the energy sector. This sector serves almost every person on the planet and its benefits are so legion that virtually everyone needs enhanced power in order to live a better life. The Owners of Levek have developed new technologies that make more energy available from sources where it has scarcely been available in the past. Now, more people in more remote regions of Canada and other countries can enjoy the benefits of electronic appliances, television, wireless communications, computer technology and smartphones at lower prices and from farther distances. Leadership Grants Organization can participate in bringing reliable energy to more parts of Canada and the world by helping Levek reach its goals.

Corporate phylosophy


Mutual trust is essential for the proper conduct of the business and for the efficient management of its projects. Trust is based upon the responsibility given to each decision maker, the delegation of authority, and a belief in the importance of each employee. It is also based on the openness and transparency of each individual in his or her professional environment.


Levek Turbine’s success is built upon a collective discipline and striving to deliver and execute projects successfully as well as networking to ensure the Company takes full advantage of all the competencies available. This team spirit, grounded in a dedication to each employee’s development, extends to collaboration with partners and customers.


Every employee is committed to having the courage to shape a better future. This is leadership which is expected of each individual in the performance of his or her specific tasks.


To reach Levek Turbine’s commitment to deliver exceptional products and services, the Company seeks to go beyond customer expectations by means of cultivating a passion for the work within the value-system of every employee.

Individual competency

Normand Levesque - CEO

Normand Levesque is a mechanical engineer with an education from the École Polytechnique de Montréal. He also obtained a Master’s Degree from L'Institut des Machines Hydrauliques de Lausanne in Switzerland. Normand is a specialist in design of turbines.

Normand is a solid businessman, profiting from his experience in business management and from his technical development of the products. Moreover, he has acquired strong experience in working with hydroelectric projects both locally and internationally especially in the area of financing.

Normand has significant experience in business strategy and general operational executive management. He has been a founder of several companies in the technology sectors involving manufacturing as well as energy generation and distribution. He has also done a significant number of mergers and acquisitions as an investor and operator. Normand has also participated in raising equity and debt for many hydropower plants over the last 10 years in Canada and all over the world.

Normand has been the Head of the Energy Division of AECOM for the Last 12 years and the Head of the Global Hydropower Business Line of AECOM for the last 5 years. He has managed teams in charge of designing hydropower and T&D projects all of over the world (200 $M turn over).

Antonio Tomecich - Marketing

Antonio has an MBA from Business School at the Universidad European de Madrid IEDE and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Applied Sciences UPC.

He has solid experience in the Energy Industry and the Oil & Gas commercial sectors performing leadership functions with innovation, creativity and team building. He has excellent leadership, communication and analytical skills. He also has strong expertise in developing strategies for new markets, training, coaching and development of commercial teams. He has strong organizational skills and is able to meet tight deadlines, succeed in project negotiation as well as conflict resolution. Antonio can also work independently and under pressure. He is results-oriented and has in-depth knowledge of MS Office Professional and SAP.

He has over 6 years of experience in REPSOL GAS DOWNSTREAM as a Commercial Manager of the highlands region, leading a team of ten sales supervisors and being the direct head of strategic planning for production and distribution to integrate energy output to match with sales projections. He has also monitored trends of trade, cross-selling, cash flow, pricing policy, distribution and profitability analysis.

Currently, he is pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations (Montreal, Canada) with a specialization in Advertising and Applied Communication at McGill University.